Our company is one of the members of KOHSEI Group with a global business system in the field of importing, trading and recycling rare metals, and manufacturing FIBC (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container), is a specialized packaging product. Established in Vietnam since 2008, we have been operating as the core company in the group’s FIBC business. One of the top goals of our company is to build a structure that meets the needs of our customers based on our team of experienced and knowledgeable staff; the application of modern equipment and facilities; and diversification of raw materials storage.

We have successfully built a sustainable supply system of Quality, Cost (Price), Delivery, After-Sales Service etc … and a quality management system suitable for many different types of inspection. Along with promoting these types of trade promotion, we are doing our best to maintain and strengthen trusting relationships with our shareholders, customers, and employees. Business expansion is done in the direction of symbiosis and contribute to the community. We have established a business structure with a team of local employees and a system of equipment to ensure timely satisfaction of customers’ needs. With the advantage of a variety of reliable raw material supplies, knowledgeable, experienced domestic and foreign staff, modern equipment used in production and quality management, all that has allowed us to confidently say that we will be your right choice for “Japanese Quality”, “Global Competitive Prices”, and “On-Time Delivery to Anywhere in the world”. As a member of the KOHSEI group, we have developed a global business network with many rare metal projects. That is what makes the difference between KMV and other FIBC suppliers. Our strategy and day-to-day work are agreed upon among all member companies in the group. We hope that it is this difference that will benefit both consumers as well as the local community. Along with accelerating the process of expanding business from Hanoi to all over the world, all members of our company are always determined that: We will devote ourselves to the local community, for workers’ families and for all consumers. We will establish rapport with all of those involved in the most serious.

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General Director: ~ 2021-May-31: Kanno Fumiteru
2021-Jun-01~ 2022-Sep-30: Dinh Khai Hoan
2022-Oct-01 ~ : Arita Yuya